Boyce College (KY)

High school students can earn up to 21 hours through the Boyce College dual enrollment at a rate of no more than six hours (two classes) per semester.


2016 2017
Aug. 8 – Oct. 2 tbd
Oct. 10 – Dec. 14 tbd

Registration opens 3 months before the start dates above. Registration closes the 3rd Monday of the semester.

Admissions Requirements

A student must have maintained a 3.0 average on a 4.0 scale in high school classes and be recommended by a high school counselor/principal or Sevenstar administrator to qualify. A qualified student who has completed the last semester of the sophomore year may begin taking Boyce College courses offered through education partners, not to exceed 21 credit hours. ACT/SAT/PRAXIS test scores and a high school transcript of grades must be submitted to Boyce College via Sevenstar. Approval for admission granted by a qualified Sevenstar Administrator is required.

Attendance Requirements

Students are expected to check into their online class twice weekly and check their student email regularly. If a student does not meet attendance and participation requirements and does not officially withdraw before the last class session, the instructor is directed to issue the grade of “F.” No refund will be provided.

Continuation Requirements

Qualified students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale in Boyce College courses to continue taking courses through the Sevenstar/Boyce College program.

Course Descriptions

Semester classes are selected from the below list. Not all classes are offered each semester.

BL 101 Old Testament Survey 1 – 3 hours

A study of the books of Genesis through Esther. The primary focus will be on the history, theology, and interpretive challenges of these Old Testament books.

BL 102 Old Testament Survey II – 3 hours

A study of the books of Job through Malachi. Special attention will be given to the interpretation of the poetic and wisdom literature and to the Hebrew prophets and their oracles.

BL 111 Hermeneutics – 3 hours

An introduction to the principles and methods of biblical interpretation.

BL 151 New Testament Survey I – 3 hours

A study of the four Gospels, including a survey of the historical background and geography of the New Testament

BL 152 New Testament Survey II – 3 hours

A study of Acts, the letters and Revelation, including a survey of the historical background of each.

CE 101 Intro to Christian Education

Beginning with the biblical and theological foundations of Christian education, students will study the teaching/learning role of the church, leadership qualifications and the various ministries available in the field covering all age groups. Special attention is given to mission statement development and program strategy.

CM 101 Introduction to Computers

An introduction to basic computer components. The course includes a review of computer hardware and operating systems, as well as experience with word processing and spreadsheet software.

CN 101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling

A general introduction to basic concepts and distinctive features of biblical counseling. This course will focus on: (1) how biblical counseling theory and practice relate to and differ from some of the more common secular models and theories. (2) what biblical counseling is and what it involves; (3) the role of the counselor in biblical counseling; (4) the place of counseling in the ministry of the church.

EN 101 English Composition I

This course teaches the skills essential for college writing, especially the various composition methods by which a subject may be developed.

EN 102 English Composition II

A continuation of EN 101 with emphasis on writing a research paper. Prerequisite: EN 101

HS 105 Ancient Near Eastern History

An introduction to significant developments in the cultures relevant to biblical history. Based on ancient texts and archaeological evidence, the study will culminate with the Hellenistic period.

MA 102 Contemporary Mathematics

Uses of mathematical modeling and logical thinking in problem solving. Applications may include budgeting, finance (e.g. interest rates and annuities), voting theory and population growth. Various topics in statists may also be discussed including measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) and the creation and interpretation of statistical charts and graphs.

MS 101 Introduction to Christian Missions – 3 hours

A study of the biblical foundations, history and philosophy of missions. Special attention will be given to insights from the modern mission era and the challenges of contextualization.

MS 151 Personal Evangelism – 3 hours

A study of the personal presentation of the Gospel, including a review of the biblical basis of evangelism.

MU 181 Introduction to Worship for the Evangelical Church

PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy – 3 hours

An introduction to the central issues in philosophy. This course will cover such matters and epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics, and the problem of evil as philosophical disciplines.

PS 101 Introduction to Psychology

A general introduction to the basic concepts of psychology, with special emphasis given to the various theories of psychology. This course will focus on an introduction to the study of human behavior; sensation and perception; emotions; learning and cognition; human development and personality. These concepts will be evaluated from a biblical perspective.

SP 105 Introduction to Public Speaking

An introduction to basic speaking skills, selecting a speech topic and goal, and how to prepare an outline. Special attention will be given to skills required for successful public ministry in the local church, including how to prepare and deliver an exposition of a passage from the Bible.

SP 106 Advanced Public Speaking 3 hours

A continuation of Introduction to Public Speaking, Prerequisite: SP 105

YM 101 Principles of Youth Ministry 3 hours

A brief history of the growth of student ministries, orientation to various student ministry positions, principles necessary for successful student programming, and a survey of methodology involved will be studied. This is a distinctive course and is a prerequisite for all Youth Ministry courses.

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