Vision, Mission and Goals

The Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools (SBACS) is a professional organization. Christian schools and pre-schools, colleges, universities, home school communities, churches, educators and other interested persons are invited to join SBACS.

SBACS exists to advance church related Christian school ministries by fortifying school leaders with information, training, professional networks and an influence artery. SBACS is a nonprofit organization of Christian schools whose member schools are sponsored by Southern Baptist churches, state conventions or share a common vision and mission. Today approximately 600 Christian schools are supported and operated by Southern Baptist churches and state conventions. 

We are committed to programs that encourage and support excellence in Christian education, a biblical worldview in curriculum and admissions policies that make Christian education available to all students regardless of race, national or ethnic origin. 

Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools is "...uniting home, church and school in Jesus Christ." 
Psalm 78:1-7 Colossians 2:8


SBACS Purpose

The Association’s purpose shall be to provide for the fellowship and exchange of information among Christian schools, to communicate the purposes of Kingdom education, and to enhance the image of Christian education throughout the world.


SBACS Vision

The Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools will create a nationwide system of Christian Schools that embraces Kingdom education and unites homes, churches, and Christian schools in support of producing true disciples that will reach and change the world for Christ.


SBACS Mission

The Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools promotes Kingdom education, spiritual formation, biblical worldview orientation, and academic excellence through discipleship, teaching, godly mentoring, and fellowship, so that the next generation might impact their society for Christ.


SBACS 3 Main Goals

The Association’s goals are threefold: (1) promote Kingdom education through discipleship, teaching, spiritual formation, biblical worldview orientation, and academic excellence; (2) establish new Christian schools through churches and communities; and (3) show parents, pastors, and leaders the compelling need for the Kingdom education of future generations.


SBACS Faith Statement and Core Values

The Association agrees with and adheres to the Baptist Faith and Message as its Faith Statement. The Association has six core values: Truth, Kingdom Education, Intellectual Development, Christian Leadership, Potential in Christ, and Operational Integrity.


SBACS 2020 Vision Strategic Plan (As approved by the Board of Trustees)


* Kingdom Education: A life-long Bible-based, Christ-centered process of leading a child to Christ, building a child up in Christ and equipping a child to serve Christ. -Glen Schultz, Kingdom Education, LifeWay, 1998.


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