KingdomEd Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in the KingdomEd Accreditation program of the Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools.

We have developed this unique accrediting process to meet the needs of both smaller and larger schools with a foundational framework of Kingdom Education. Finalizing approval by the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), KingdomEd accreditation is a great option for first-time accredited schools and as an additional accreditation for currently accredited schools who wish to align with the principles of Kingdom Education.



To get started, click here to complete the online Application for KingdomEd Accreditation.

To access the KingdomEd Accreditation Manual 2020-2025 and the KingdomEd Accreditation Reflective Report (self-study), click here to e-mail our office and request copies.

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