Job Openings at SBACS


Assistant Director at Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools



30+ hours/week (70-100% full-time)


Brief description of the role/position:

Assist Executive Director in planning, scheduling, and coordinating travel.  Coordinate all details involved in workshops, trainings, roundtables, and any other general consulting meetings.  Create materials for marketing.  Maintain calendar of Executive Director.  Track memberships. Notify schools of membership status. Update website and work with web master. File annual report documents.  Apply for grants to be distributed to member schools. Oversee scholarship program. Responsible for all marketing, promotions, registration, enrollment, accounts payable, account receivable, and any management/training related to SBACS Virtual Academy.  Handle general communication between all member and non-member schools. Serve as a liaison between partners and members.

partners and members.


Working Relationships:

            Reports To: Executive Director                     

            Directly Supervises:


Basic Responsibilities & Duties


Daily: Respond to emails from schools/administrators/partners/students/parents.  Review and update membership renewals. Handle scheduling for Executive Director.


Weekly or Bi-weekly: Print and label all receipts for accountant. Update SBACS website content. Mail membership welcome packet.  Update social media sights. Check student progress in Virtual Academy. Communicate with parents and administrators when student is struggling in a course. Receive payments for new courses.  Process new student applications.  Register and enroll new students.  Process payments to Sevenstar for new courses.


Monthly: Meet with Executive Director to discuss events and planning.  Create and distribute newsletter.  Take inventory on office supplies and place order. Send out email communication to members with pertinent information on SBACS events. Budgeting. Track payables and receivables related to Virtual Academy course enrollment.  Prepare student report cards.  Participate in Sevenstar webinars.


Quarterly: Advertise, coordinate, and execute Building a Kingdom Teacher workshop.  Plan and coordinate SBACS Board Meeting.  Communicate or meet with SBACS partners to discuss partnership details. Mail postcards to member and nonmember schools regarding SBACS benefits. Create grade reports for schools to use on report cards.  Send out emails reminding member and non-member schools of SBACS Virtual Academy benefits.


Annually: Plan and execute Business Administrators Roundtable, College Placement Roundtable, Joshua Expeditions Outstanding SBACS Scholars & Outstanding Musicians Awards Program. Print and prepare Back to School membership packet.  Coordinate KSi grant program. Schedule and prepare materials for SBACS annual meeting of the members.  Apply for DEW grant and complete annual reports. Select and order promotional items for giveaways. Create marketing piece for annual school mailer and any workshops/trainings that SBACS sponsors.  Calculate profit and loss spreadsheet for annual meeting.  Compile course enrollment data.  Update application forms, course catalogs, course pricing, and course policies.  Update website to include all updated forms.  Notify schools of new pricing, courses, and any updates to the program.


Educational and Experiential Expectations/Requirements for the Role:

Two-year degree strongly recommended.  Quick learner. Strong organizational skills.  Money-management skills. Strong communication skills (written & verbal).  Self-starter with the ability to multi-task.  Website/Computer skills—should be proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  Design skills and event planning/scheduling experience a plus.


Salary & Benefits:

Salary is negotiable. Sick leave and paid vacation.


Contact Melody Shiver if interested - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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