Renew Your Membership

Institutional (Basic) Membership allows the member school to participate in all SBACS services including discounted event fees, student scholarships, faculty scholarships to KSI, SBACS Virtual School, consultation, resources, Headmaster's Helpline, job postings,  legal-aid vouchers, and valuable partnership discounts.

Pacesetter Membership includes all of the Institutional Membership services, but also allows the school to make a small investment in helping SBACS to serve struggling schools and to start new Christian schools. Would you kindly consider joining as a Pacesetter Member?

To Renew:

1. Please log into your account on the left sidebar. If you do not recall your login or password, contact us and we will be happy to send your login and and reset your password.

2. Once logged in, return to this Renew page under the MEMBERSHIP tab at the top, then select the appropriate membership for your school from the grid below (click on the dollar sign to activate link). Fees which are based on the number of students you have enrolled at the time you join (if during the summer, please use the enrollment number you anticipate will start of the first day of school).

3. Finally you will be taken to the invoice page where you can select payment via PayPal (credit card) or to mail a check.

4. We will contact you shortly thereafter to collect your school's data to be placed in the membership directory.


00-49 students $175 $275
50-99 students $200 $325
100-149 students $300 $425
150-199 students $400 $525
200-249 students $500 $625
250-299 students $600 $725
300-349 students $700 $850
350-399 students $800 $950
400-449 students $895 $1,100
450-499 students $995 $1,200
500-549 students $1,195 $1,300
550-599 students $1,295 $1,400
600-649 students $1,350 $1,500
650-699 students $1,395 $1,550
700+ students $1,395 $1,600


If you need assistance logging into your account, please call our office at 954-367-7955 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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