About Sevenstar
Sevenstar partners with SBACS member schools to deliver high-quality online learning programs for its students. We provide more than 90 biblically-integrated courses for grades 6-12, as well as over 130 Dual Credit courses from leading Christian Colleges and Universities. Sevenstar desires to glorify Christ and encourages students to learn how to process information and think critically in the context of a Biblical worldview. Our courses are rigorous and exceed all national standards and recommendations.


Partner Schools have access to:

  • An online platform for developing and delivering online content. We currently partner with Angel/Blackboard and BrainHoney.
  • We have volume license agreements with a variety of vendors and bring all of our resources to you so you can focus on your mission: Christian education. If you want to develop your own courses, you now have a platform to accomplish this at a much lower cost than trying to do this on your own. We can provide tools and expertise when and where they are needed.
  • Online courses built to teach a Christian worldview and develop critical thinking as followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Christian teachers who facilitate our online courses
  • Coaching services to guide partnering schools through implementing our program.


Click here for more information on SBACS Sevenstar partnership discounts or SBACS Virtual Academy.

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