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Discover SBACS Virtual Academy Dual-Credit Options

Our dual credit courses let students earn high school and college credit by taking a single class. For many high school students it is an affordable way to earn college credit.

At most institutions, students will enroll in classes with a college professor and learn within the college institution’s learning management system. Upon successful completion of a dual credit course, students will earn a half credit at SBACS Virtual Academy for each 3 or 4 credit hour college course. The college or university will also provide the student with a final grade and send instructions to request an official transcript for the credit(s) earned.

Please note that 100 level courses are considered college freshman level and are typically introductory courses with no prerequisites.


Our Dual Credit Partners

Boyce College
Bryan College
Cedarville University
Davis College
God’s Bible School
Grand Canyon University
The King’s College
Taylor University

Before You Order

  • Decide on the course(s) of interest.
  • Read through the enrollment requirements and “more information” area of the particular college/university.
  • Contact the SBACS Virtual Academy Principal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to learn about the:
  • Timeline for your college/university
  • Paperwork required to be admitted
  • Additional fees (if applicable)
  • Check with prospective college registrars about the rules for transferring credit.


How it works

  • Submit an application and pay via the SBACS online payment system
  • SBACS Virtual Academy Admissions will send you the additional information needed for the college/course choice that you selected
  • Return the additional information and all enrollment requirement documents listed for the college that you selected to SBACS Virtual Academy Admissions
  • The student will then be enrolled at the college by SBACS Virtual Academy admissions (there may be other items to complete through the college such as a required pretest, etc.)
  • Upon college approval, the student will receive an enrollment email directly from the college and a copy will be sent to the student’s school or parent
  • Student will begin the course “on College website” keeping in mind all the items agreed to in the Dual Credit Contract and the end date for the course.

Biblical Studies

BL 101 Old Testament Survey I 

BL 102 Old Testament Survey II 

BI 103 Old Testament Literature 

BI 104 New Testament Literature 

BIB 104 Old Testament Historical Perspectives 

BIB 105 New Testament Historical Perspectives 

BIB 110 Biblical Literature I – Old Testament 

BL 111 Hermeneutics 

BIBL 1022 Pentateuch 

BL 151 New Testament Survey I 

BL 152 New Testament Survey II 

BEGE 1720 Spiritual Formation 

BIB 210 Biblical Literature II – New Testament 

BIBL 2011 Former Prophets 

BIBL 2022 Latter Prophets 

BIBL 2122 Life of Christ 

BIBL 2211 Hermeneutics 

BIB 213 Survey of Biblical Literature 

BIB 217 Genesis 

BI 218 Life of Christ

BIB 272 Inductive Study of the Bible 

HE 233 Hebrew IA 

HE 234 Hebrew IB

BEGE 2730 Old Testament Literature 

BEGE 2740 New Testament Literature 

BIBL 3022 Pauline Epistles 

BIBL 3111 Acts/Romans 

BIBL 3491 Exploring Biblical Wisdom 

BEGE 3755 Theology I 

BIBL 4022 Daniel-Revelation 

BIBL 4111 General Epistles 


ACC 241 Accounting Principles I 

ACC 242 Accounting Principles II

ACC 250 Financial Accounting 

BUS 232 Introduction to Sports Management 

ECN 220 Introduction to Economics 

ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics 

ECO 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 

MGT 201 Business Basics Boot Camp 

MGT 240 Introduction to Management 

MKT 231 Principles of Marketing

MKT 245 Principles of Marketing 

ORGL 2011 Biblical Concepts of Leadership 

ORGL 2022 Leadership and Management 

ORGL 3011 Leadership and Ethics 

ORGL 3022 Leadership Development 

ORGL 3051 Organizational Behavior 

ORGL 4011 Fundamentals of Business Management 


CAS 110 Public Speaking 

COM 1100 Fundamentals of Speech 

CAS 120 Interpersonal Communication 

COM 126 Communications and the Media 

COM 151 History and Criticism of Visual Media 

COM 231 Persuasive Theory 

SP 106 Advanced Public Speaking 

SP 105 Introduction to Public Speaking 

Criminal Justice

JUS 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 

JUS 104 Introduction to Justice Studies 

JUS 110 Crime and Criminology 

JUS 250 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice 


CE 101 Intro to Christian Education 

ECAD 1011 Introduction to Early Childhood 

EDUC 1011 Philosophy of Education 

ECH 125 Foundations of Early Childhood 

EDU 110 History and Philosophy of Education in America 

EDU 115 Teaching about Religion in the Public Schools 

EDU 210 Foundations of Education 

EDU 230 Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 

EDU 260 Educational Psychology 

EDUC 3211 Methods in Education

EDUC 3322 Foundations in Special Education 


ART 172 Art Appreciation 

ARTT 3022 Media Appreciation 

CM 101 Introduction to Computers 

COS 101 Information Technology Concepts 

COMP 3121 Computers and Applications 

DFP 101 Introduction to Cinema: History & Aesthetics 

DFP 111 Digital Video Production 

EGME 1810 Engineering Graphics

FIN 1710 Personal Finance 

FOUN 2011 Personal Growth and Development 

FOUN 2022 Faith and Money 

FOUN 3022 Career Development 

HUM 1400 Introduction to Humanities 

HUM 2430 Enjoyment of Music 

MUS 149 Music Appreciation 

NSG 1000 Member of Nursing Profession 

PEF 1990 Physical Activity and Christian Living 

PHED 2111 Health and Fitness 

GSS 1100 Politics and American Culture 

POL 210 Foundations of Politics 

SPCH 2011 Fundamentals of Speech 

SPCH 3211 Ministry Communication for Women 

SPCH 3311 Homiletics 


EN 101 English Composition I 

EN 101 English Composition I 

ENG 105 English Composition I 

ENGL 1011 English Composition I

EN 102 English Composition II 

EN 101 English Composition II 

ENG 106 English Composition II 

ENGL 1022 English Composition II 

ENG 110 Expository Writing 

ENG 1400 Composition 

ENGL 2111 (TESL 2111) Theories of Second Language Acquisition 

ENGL 2122 (TESL 2122) Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language 

ENGL 2312 Survey of American Literature 

ENGL 2322 English Literature 

ENG 240 American Literature 

ENG 250 British Literature 

ENG 250 Analysis of World Literature 

ENG 260 English Literature I 

ENG 270 English Literature II 

ENGL 3322 Literature of C.S. Lewis 

MCM 115 Introduction to Media Writing 

LING 4322 (MISS 4322) Linguistics 

LIT 2330 World Mythology 

LIT 2340 Western Literature 

TESL 2031 Structure of the English Language 

TESL 3022 College Level TESL 

TESL 4011 Language Program & Curr. Design 

TESL 4233 Internship in TESL 


HIS 103 World History I 

HIS 104 World History II 

HS 105 Ancient Near Eastern History 

HIS 105 World History Themes 

HIS 111 Western Civilization I 

SS 121 Western Civilization God’s Bible School 

HIST 1110 U.S. History I 

HIST 1120 U.S. History II 

HIS 124 United States History to 1877 

HIS 125 United States History since 1877 

HIS 144 United States History Themes 

HIS 232 Early Christianity Through Medieval Times 

HIS 233 Reformation Christianity 

HIS 234 European Christianity: 1650 to Present 

HIST 2111 US History I 

HIST 2122 US History II 

HIST 2211 Western Civilization I 

HIST 2222 Western Civilization II

HIST 2311 New York State History: An Overview 

HIST 3322 Constitution Law and American Government 

HIST 4422 History of Christianity 


GMTH 1010 Introduction to Mathematics 

MATH 1011 Mathematics I 

GMTH 1020 College Algebra 

MATH 1022 Mathematics II 

MA 102 Contemporary Mathematics 

GMTH 1030 Precalculus 

MAT 110 Finite Mathematics 

MAT 134 Applications of Algebra

MAT 160 College Algebra 

MA 213 Math Concepts and Applications 

MAT 250 College Algebra and Trigonometry 

MAT 252 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I 

MAT 253 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II 

MAT 274 Probability and Statistics 


MS 101 Intro to Christian Missions 

CN 101 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 

MS 105 Personal Evangelism 

YM 101 Principles of Youth Ministry 

THEO 1142 Evangelism and Belief Systems 

MISS 2111 Global Engagement 

ANTH 1800 Cultural Anthropology 

ANTH 3022 (MISS 3022) Cultural Anthropology 

THEO 3011 Systematic Theology I 

THEO 3022 Systematic Theology II 

CHMN 4244 Christian Ministries Internship 

THEO 4411 Apologetics 

THEO 4433 Worldview Integration 


PH 103 Introduction to Philosophy 

PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy 

PHI 112 Understanding the Times 

PHI 201 Logic 

PH 221 Introduction to Philosophy God’s Bible School 

PH 225 Apologetics God’s Bible School 

PH 235 Creation Apologetics God’s Bible School 

PHIL 1031 Life, Ethics, and Worldview 

PHIL 4011 Introduction to Philosophy 

PHIL 4022 Ethics 


PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology 

PS 101 Introduction to Psychology 

PSY 101 General Psychology 

PSYC 1011 General Psychology 

PSY 102 General Psychology 

PYCH 1600 General Psychology 

PSY 200 General Psychology 

PSYC 1122 Family Foundations 

PSYC 2011 Theories of Counseling 

PSY 240 Child Psychology 

PSY 250 Lifespan Development 

PYCH 2610 Statistics 

PSY 272 Research in Psychology

PSYC 3031 Abnormal Psychology 

PSYC 3211 Fundamentals of Counseling 

PSYC 4022 Applied Research and Statistics 

PSYC 4122 Marriage and Family Counseling 

PSYC 4322 Crisis Counseling 


CWV 101 Foundations of a Christian Worldview 

TH 140 Principles of the Christian Life I 

RELG 2211 World Religions 

REL 227 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement 

INT 244 World Religions 


BIO Life Science and Lab God’s Bible School 

GBIO 1000 Principles of Biology 

GSCI 1010 Principles of Earth Science 

BIO 130 Introduction to Life Sciences I 

BIO 205 Human Biology with Lab 

BIO 220 Environmental Science 

BIO 250 Introduction to Life Sciences II 

PHY 102 Introduction to Physical Science 

PHY 104 Earth and Space Science 

PHY 119 Physical Science Survey 

PHY 197 Introductory Astronomy w/Lab 

SCIN 3211 Life Science 

SCIN 3222 Earth Science 


SOC 102 Principles of Sociology 

SOC 1300 Introduction to Sociology 

SOC 200 Cultural Anthropology 

SOC 210 Social Problems 

SS 202 Principles of Sociology 

SWK 200 Explorations in Social Work 

SWK 231 Social Welfare: Historical Perspectives and Development 

SOCI 2322 Introduction to Sociology 

SOCI 3022 Introduction to Social Welfare Policy 


ACC = Accounting
ART / ARTT = Art
ANTH = Anthropology
BI / BIB / BIBL / BEGE / BL = Bible
BIO / GBIO = Biology
BUS = Business
CMI = Christian Ministries International
CWV = Christian Worldview
COM / CAS = Communications
CM / COS / COMP = Computers
CN = Counselling
CHMN = Christian Ministries
DVP = Digital Film Production
ECH / ECAD = Early Childhood Education
ECN / ECO = Economics
EDU / EDUC = Education
EGME – Engineering

EN / ENG / ENGL = English
FIN = Finance
FOUN = Foundational Studies
GSCI = Earth Science
GSS = General Social Science
HE = Hebrew
HS / HIS / HIST = History
HUM = Humanities
INT / IAS = Interdisciplinary Studies
JUS = Criminal Justice
LDR = Leadership
LIT = Literature
LING = Linguistics
MA / MAT / MATH / GMTH = Mathematics
MGT = Management
MKT = Marketing
MS / MISS = Missions

MS / MUS = Music
NSG = Nursing
ORGL = Organizational Leadership
PMI = Pastoral Ministries International
PH / PHL / PHY / PHIL = Philosophy
PHED / PEF = Physical Education
PHY = Physical Sciences
POL = Politics
PS / PSY / PSYC / PYCH = Psychology
REL / RELG = Religion
SCIN = Science
SS / SOC / SOCI = Social Science
SWK = Social Work
SP / SPCH = Speaking
TESL = Teaching English as a Second Language
TH / THEO = Theology
YM = Youth Ministry

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