Christian School 101


How to Start a Christian School: A Workshop for Church Leaders
Sponsored by SBACS and the Florida Baptist Convention.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in starting a Christian school.  Small teams of pastors and lay leaders who want to reach their communities for Christ through Kingdom education.

What will I gain? You will receive all the basic tools and information you need to plan and start a Christian school, along with a training manual, resource CD and a list of contacts to help you through the start up process.

Will a school help our church? Yes! Well-run Christian schools provide a Scripture-based education for children.  They “beautify Christ’s bride” through evangelism, discipleship and community outreach. Schools help churches train parents and children who think and act Biblically as well as disciple leaders—true salt and light.

What topics are covered? A Biblical case for education, overcoming the obstacles, gathering congregational and community support, school governance and management, facilities, curriculum, funding, faculty, church-school relationships...all these and many more issues are addressed.

Why Choose Christian Schooling
16,000 hours!  That’s the time a child spends in school from kindergarten through high school.   He will graduate with two important things:  a diploma and some kind of worldview.  His diploma will help him get into college or get his first job.  However, his worldview will shape every choice he makes for the next 60, 70 or 80 years.  Decisions about faith, church, possessions, business, personal habits, character, marriage, child-rearing, politics, relationships… every action he takes will arise from and conform to the worldview he formed during his 16,000 hours in school… read more...

Typical Christian School 101 Workshop Schedule:

Day One
Tour local Christian school(s)
Sessions: Building the Kingdom, Building the Case, Building the Foundation
Dinner and Fellowship
Expert Panel (Question and Answer)
Evening Sessions:  Building the Church Through Kingdom Education

Day Two
Devotion and prayer
Testimonies of Successes in Christian Schooling
Morning Sessions:  Building Your School Leadership, Building Your Model, Building Your Curriculum and Program          
Wrap Up Sessions


Pastor Keith McConnell, First Baptist Church Trenton (Trenton, Florida)

Eric Pugh, Lindsay Lane Christian Academy (Athens, Alabama)

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To learn more or to schedule a workshop in your area, please contact Dr. Wesley Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (954) 367-7955

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