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About Summit Ministries

For over 50 years, Summit has provided biblical worldview training for young people. Summit believes it is critically important to teach the rising generation of children and teens to understand the times with God’s Word as their guide. Summit’s materials don’t just teach disconnected Bible stories; they give students a biblical worldview framework for understanding all of life and reality. And unlike other worldview curricula, Summit’s materials actually teach younger Christians how to evaluate competing worldviews. In the end, students can both defend and apply their faith in today’s post-Christian culture.

Summit has invested in the finest educators, teachers, editors, authors, and illustrators to provide the highest quality and up-to-date biblical worldview resources available today. Join us as we equip students to integrate the Bible into their minds and hearts!


Partner Discount

Summit has partnered with SBACS to offer all member schools a discount on Summit’s unique curricula. When you are ready to order, use the coupon code SBACS to save 15% on orders placed before June 15 or 10% on orders placed between June 16 and August 15. To order, just call Summit toll free at 866.786.6483 or visit them online here.

A+ Partnerships


SBACS has developed partnerships with the following organizations/companies to provide quality products and services to our members as discounted pricing. Each partner is fully vetted and we fully endorse and recommend the products/services these companies provide.


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BJU Press/Precept Marketing

BJU Press Curriculum Catalogs

The Mission of Precept Marketing:
Our Mission is to promote the cause of Christian education by providing superior sales and service of quality educational resources to Christian Schools, Homeschoolers, and Retailers. Our goal is to give Christian educators the best tools available to support their work in making Christian Education to be second to none and in training the next generation to be the best prepared ever!

The History of Precept Marketing:
Precept Marketing Group, a Christian educational resource company, was co-founded by the prior owner and president of Graco┬« Children's Products in 2002. In January 2008, Becky Spragins of GMG Holdings acquired Precept Marketing Group. Derial Sanders serves as President.

Created to offer the best in quality educational materials and services, Precept Marketing Group seeks to apply Biblical sales and marketing principles to provide unsurpassed service to Christian educators in an effort to help support the overall growth and quality of Christian education.

BJU Press:
Christ-Centered Resources for Education, Edification, and Evangelism

Since its inception in 1974, BJU Press has become one of the leading publishers of Biblically integrated textbooks and one of two Christian publishers with a complete PK-12 offering. BJU Press currently supplies thousands of schools with textbooks and other resources. BJU Press is committed to providing excellent products and services that meet the needs of both students and teachers while promoting the cause of Christ.  

5% and 10% DISCOUNT:
SBACS member schools receive a 5% year round discount and a 10% discount for orders placed during April and May. In order to receive your discount, create an account or login here.

What sets BJU Press apart from other curricula?

  • Biblical Worldview
  • Critical Thinking/Discovery-Based 
  • Standards-Based
  • Research-Based Materials
  • Proven Result

To create an account or to login into your school's existing account on BJU's website:


If you have any questions or problems please contact Customer service at 1-800-845-5731.

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