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Is Online Learning Right for You?

Just recently, there was an article published by Regina Lewis of K12 listing the Top 5 Ways to Know if Online School is Right for You.  She included a link to a free, fast interactive tutorial that families can use to determine if Online Schooling is Right for them.  Be sure to check it out!

While the top 5 reasons Lewis listed may seem obvious, they are very relevant for today's student.  Not only that, they are really simple questions that any parent can ask themselves or ask their child about their schooling experience.  For some, the decision of whether or not to try online school can be gut-wrenching, but this short list of questions may help you keep things from becoming too complicated and give you a place to start.

1. Is your child an accelerated learner?

2. Do distractions in a traditional classroom setting make learning difficult for your child?

3. Is your child uncomfortable in his/her current learning environment?

4. Do your child's activities require a flexible schedule that traditional schools cannot provide?

5. Is your child physically unable to attend school?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", it may be worth your time to watch the free tutorial and discuss the online school option with your child.  For many online schools, there are a number of AP and Dual Credit course options for accelerated learners, students work from the privacy of their own home so distractions and comfort level may not be as much of a factor, most of the courses are completely online and require few or no textbooks, and of course, online courses are much more convenient for students who cannot attend a traditional school.

Take the time to ask these 5 simple questions!  Online school may be the simplest solution you've never thought of!


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