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Faith-Based Schools = Academic Advantages for Students

Faith-Based Schools = Academic Advantages for Students

In an article recently published by CAPE- the Council for American Private Education, a meta-analysis of over 90 studies on the effects of school suggest that "attending private religious schools is associated with the highest level of academic achievement." A meta-analysis looks at studies in a specific field and, employing sophisticated statistical techniques, identifies the effect size of each study and then calculates an overall average effect size for the set of studies.

According to the article, three types of schools were included in the studies-private religious schools, charter schools, and public schools.  William Jeynes, senior fellow at the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, New Jersey and a professor at California State University, Longbeach, examined standardized test scores and found that students in faith-based schools scored 11 percentile points higher than public schools and charter schools.  Surprisingly, students in charter schools scored similarly to students in public schools.  These findings were summarized by Jeynes as "students who attend religious schools score at an academic level about 12 months ahead of their counterparts."   He believes that religious schools "have higher expectations of students and encourage them to take hard courses...they subscribe to the notion that students are often capable of achieving more than they realize."

Interesting stuff!

For more information get the full article.

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