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Interested in making the move to online courses? Check out these statistics!

Interested in making the move to online courses? Check out these statistics!

According to iNACOL (International Association for K-12 Online Learning) the statistics show an increased movement toward online education with an emphasis on the benefit of online learning for the credit recovery sector.  Schools are offering an increased number of options for credit recovery in the form of online classes.  This type of online class is immensely helpful to all parties involved-the parent, student, and administrator.  Since students can take the the class online, from home, parents can be involved and don't have to worry about transporting their child back-and-forth to school.  The administrator simply assists students with registering and then lets the online teacher/school worry about the rest.  Once the student completes the course, their grade is sent to the administrator for records purposes.

According to iNACOL:

- "The top reasons why school districts make online learning opportunities available to their students is to provide courses not otherwise available at their schools, and providing opportunities for students to recover course credits from classes missed or failed.  Credit recovery is especially important for urban schools with 81% of such schools indicating this is a very important reason."

- "The types of online courses with the highest enrollments in school districts are credit recovery and dual-credit."

Beyond that, online learning in general is making great strides.  Check out these statistics:

- "74% of school districts with distance education programs planned to expand online offerings over the next three years."

- "There were an estimated 1,816,400 enrollments in distance-education courses in K-12 school districts in 2009-2012, almost all of which were online courses."

-"40 states have state virtual schools or state-led initiatives."

If the option of online learning is not on your school's radar, it should be!  According to iNACOL, "the current U.S. average per pupil expenditures for a fully-online model is $6,400 and for a blended-learning model is $8,900, while it is $10,000 for traditional school models."  Over a $3,500 difference per student!  What do you think?  Is it worth it? I say yes!


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